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Chronicles of El Chod: Still Pissed at the Times

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Question: Is Jeffrey Chodorow still reeling from that Bruni takedown of Kobe Club and his subsequent experience taking out an ad/waging war against the Times' Dining Section? Answer: Yes. From a video he shot for an UrbanDaddy/Belvedere campaign, found by Cutlets:

"I took out a full page ad to sort of protest what the critic for the New York Times wrote about Kobe Club. The editor of that section does not go to the restaurant to see whether the critic was correct or not; they just accept what they say at face value. I spent $58,000 to take out a full page ad but what was my choice? They made me change what I wrote. I had to go through five or six 'censorship reviews' of my ad before they would take it."
But El Chod doesn't spend the whole video complaining. He also shares the new totally crazy restaurant idea he's got up his sleeve:

a 50,000 square "food and beverage facility" on on 28th St. and 6th Avenue. He says it's less like a food court and "more in the nature of a Harrod's food hall but in a modern sense...hopefully you can charge the meal on your cell phone." Ooh, we sure hope so.
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