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Fro-Yo Wars: Red Cherry Debuts

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Another day, another obscure copycat fro-yo joint hoping to bank on the 'healthy dessert' wave that's been taking New York. This one even has the green Pinkberry stripes on its signage. From the tipline:

"This one was originally called Red Berry on their coming soon sign. I guess their lawyer told them to limit their Pinkberry copying to the two tone green slats on their sign. It's on 5th & 33rd, next to Wendy's and across from the Empire State Building...just a block or 2 from Pinkberry, Crazy Bananas, and (soon) Red Mango. I tried a free sample and its definitely nowhere nearly as good as the more established fro yos in town."
That said, a little time over on the Google reveals they have Red Cherry in Minneapolis. And if this is the same chain, bulk candy bins for all!
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