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Labor Woes: One If By Land Latest Restaurant to Boycott Wild Edibles

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In the latest saga in the battle between major New York food vendor Wild Edibles and the Industrial Workers of the World and non-profit Brandworkers, Village staple One if By Land, Two if By Sea has joined the boycott. So far over 20 restaurants—including Mermaid Inn, Sushi Samba, Pastis, and Union Square Cafe— have cut off ties to Wild Edibles since the skirmish began last year when 16 warehouse employees filed a class action lawsuit against the company. For more background on the case, check here. Let's see what the One If By Land owners say, via a press release, about the recent move:

"One if by Land has a long history of supporting workers' rights and we are proud to support the effort of the Wild Edibles workers making positive change," said Rosanne Martino, the general manager of the restaurant. "Cutting expenses by violating the law and cheating your own employees makes an unlevel playing field in the market and costs more down the road than it is worth."
But note this is not a clear cut case. While those supporting the workers say restaurants are boycotting because it is the right thing, supporters of Wild Edibles contend that the restaurant owners have been pressured into the decision.
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