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The Shutter: Bleecker St.'s 'Celebrity Hangout' Señor Swanky's Officially Doneski

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Greenwich Village: The impossible just became a reality. 'Speakeasy Lounge & Celebrity Hangout', hub for drunken and underage NYUers, and Bleecker Street's most well known subpar Mexican restaurant, Señor Swanky's has closed. Blog Walking Off the Big Apple brings the news and a spot check and call to the restaurant's uptown location confirms: they've been closed for a week. Now with the recent closure of Figaro Cafe that's the second bafflingly popular bad restaurant to suddenly shutter this summer. Should Greenwich Village be getting ready for a culinary renaissance as the bad restaurants are excised from the nabe? More likely than not these places will just be replaced by more of the same or better, some new fro-yo iteration.
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