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Eater Inside: JoeDoe

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Krieger, 7/30/08

This little guy right here is Joe Doe, a restaurant opening down the street from Prune on East 1st Street. They had a bit of a run in with the community board last month (who hasn't?), but in the end CB3 and the SLA gave them the go-ahead. The space is owned by the enthusiastic team of chef Joe Dobias and partner Jill Schulster, who claim, "We are proud, we are young, we are determined and WE WILL be a great addition to the East Village." File that under wait and see.

Here's the breakdown. JoeDoe has 30 seats with a smallish dark wood bar, and is touted as "neighborhood American." They are pretty much guaranteed to get Prune run-off when they launch brunch in a couple weeks. As for dinner, the menu prices hover in the mid-$20s and include items like veal chop, beef and tongue, and buffalo brisket. JoeDoe opens tonight for friends and family, will start food previews August 6, and open to the public the following week. Schulster emphasized that their hours won't be regular for the previews and was reluctant to give a grand opening date adding, "Joe just really wants to concentrate on getting the food right." We'll be keeping an eye out for user reviews starting...tomorrow.

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