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Hangover Observations: Denny's Makes History, Unveils the "Potacho"

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Last night at the Metropolitan Pavilion, Denny's, yes Denny's, hosted a non-ruckus shindig to celebrate the launch of their new Rock Star Menu. Tags, per inevitability: "Eat Like a Rock Star" and "Nothing Good Happens After Midnight Except Denny's." Name badges were provided, bars opened, gift bags doled. The menu items debuted could be characterized broadly as Fried Things X mixed with Cheesy Things Y, with the exception of desserts, which we didn't taste because they were pushing them way too hard. The good people at Denny's were kind enough to put all of Eater on the guest list, and for that we are grateful, because we walked away with the above photo gallery. Plus these random observations:

1) The most anticipated offering among those pimped on the party invite were the "Potachos", "freshly fried and seasoned kettle chips topped with crumbled sausage, bacon, bell pepper and onion mix, cheese sauce and shredded Cheddar cheese." These and the rest promised to be concoctions inspired by the late night rock star culture of Denny's. Inspired or not, the potacho has a problem: The Nacho.

2) Name badge spotted, not claimed: Jason Oliver-Nixon

3) Party premise: After midnight, Denny's gonna let it all hang down. Party hours: 5:30-8:30.

4) Okay, the burger fries—basically, ground meat, bacon, cheese and French fries in a cone—weren't bad. Maybe we had two orders. Maybe.

5) Holy mother hell. Did the Denny's suit just say that he'd just come from a walk-thru of Kobe Club with his real estate broker? No, but that was fun to say. When asked about a New York branch of the The Den, Andrew Dismore, head food guy at Denny's says they've got no plans for New York. Smart man.
· Denny's Rock Star Menu Fact Sheet [Denny's; .doc]

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