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CrimeWatch: The Busy Chef, Oven, and Blue Pig Shuttered After Partner's Arrest

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According to the Brooklyn Paper, three of the Brooklyn Heights operations co-owned by Dan Kaufman, the manager who allegedly stole over $25,000 from customers, have shuttered. The store The Busy Chef, the ice cream shop Blue Pig, and the pizzeria The Oven have all been dark since Monday, 11 days after Kaufman's arrest

"...the restaurant’s other owners told employees that Monday night was their last, a source said. 'They closed it up at 11 — they just shut everything down and started throwing out the food,' the source said. The Wine Bar at 50 Henry Street, also co-owned by Kaufman, is still open. Owners are expected to talk with the Wine Bar’s manager sometime this week about the future, the source said."
The paper hears that they owners can't pay employees anymore, and the publicized arrest couldn't have been good for business. The District Attorney is set to drop an indictment against Kaufman later this week.
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