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EaterWire: Southern Hospitality Taking Over Steak Frites, Rififi to Close Tonight, and a News from Top Chef's CJ

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HUDSON SQUARE— Cutty is spreading the rumor that Eytan Sugarman and Justin Timberlake are looking into opening a second Southern Hospitality in the Deathwatched Steak Frites space. It makes sense that someone would take that space, since it is, after all, in the ICU, and reps tell Cizutty that they're looking into a number of locations. Just keep in mind that Sugarman is already in a fight with CB1 to open a "sports bar" at 6 Murray St., so you can bet opening Southern Hospitality Part 2 won't be smooth sailing [Cutlets]

EAST VILLAGE— Gothamist is reporting that East Village bar/comedy club/performance space Rififi will shutter tonight: "...employees received text messages yesterday announcing tonight (Wednesday) as the last night open. One day’s notice, and there was a crazy insinuation that if more money had been made over the weekend the venue could have been open for another month..." According to a local comedian, who received the foreboding text message, this "about the 15th time there has been a shutdown scare," but at this point it seems like the real thing. [Gothamist]

TOP CHEF ALUMNI— In Top Chef alumni news, Season 3's CJ is now making menus, breakfast menus no less, for...wait for it...the Hilton Garden Inn. [Hotel Chatter]

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