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The Shutter: Pio Maya, 5th Avenue Pizzeria, East Ocean

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1) Greenwich Village: This 8th Street shutter news from the inbox: "Seems Pio Maya on eighth is gone. I walked by it last night to see the gate down. And then i noticed the 'store for rent' sign above. we can probably thank buchbinder and warren and their absurd rent increases for this one. The owner (A Batali sous chef) was always so nice. It's a loss to the street if it is gone." [Shutter Inbox]

2) Midtown East: Midtown Lunch brings word of a shuttered Chinese joint: "I walked by East Ocean, a little steam table Chinese place on 55th btw. Lex+3rd which has closed...That upper corner of Midtown East really is a dead zone." [Midtown Lunch]

3) Park Slope: Lost City reports on the long ago closure of Fifth Avenue Pizzeria in Park Slope: "Coulda sworn I did a 'Good Sign' item about the Fifth Avenue Pizzeria sign in Park Slope some time ago, but damned if I can locate it. But the moment's passed. 'Tis gone. 'Tis dead. I guess this happened a few months back, but it's the first I noticed it." [Lost City]

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