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Weekend Talking Points: Is the Surf Lodge Ruining Montauk?

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So far this summer, we've heard a few raves for Montauk's newest hotspot, Surf Lodge. It's got Top Chef vet Sam Talbot's new restaurant, and is run by Jamie Mullholland and Steve "Special K" Kamali, who have proven extremely good at creating a buzz worthy scene. In fact, the buzz over Montauk this summer is epic—it's the new Southampton, apparently. But what of the take of those who knew Montauk pre-Surf? To a first time caller, longtime listener:

"First of all, I've been going to Montauk every summer for at least a week since I was was born, and my family has been going since way before that. It's a town that remains quaint and accessible despite the pretension of the Hamptons being only 15 minutes away. No matter what happens, it will never be completely gentrified and taken over by the 'Hamptons Crowd' because of it's fishing industry roots."
We showed up around 5:30, and I immediately got sick to my stomach. The Hamptons had invaded Montauk. There were close to 100 cars lined up and down Edgemere St. A spectacle never seen in Montauk before. And in the small parking lot? A Ferrari, a Maybach, a tricked out BMW, and a 1975 Caddy, all being protected by a few 'Growing up Gotti' valets.
The place was packed. The bar and outdoor lounge was full of posing cougars, popped collars, spikey hair and big sunglasses; despite it being a dark, foggy afternoon with no sun to be seen.
My girlfriend went to the hostess, and she was told that "the list was 28 deep, and those people arent even going to get to eat.'...Whats the point of a buzzed about spot with the focus on the restaurant if no one gets to eat?
Regardless, we decided to grab a drink...It took 10 minutes at the very mildly busy bar to get a drink menu. Took another 5 to get a tender's attention and order, and another 10 before we realized the drinks weren't coming anytime soon. We bolted, and I was ready to key the Maybach with the valet's frosted-tipped hair.
Now, to be fair, we've seen plenty of schleppy, normal-looking valets in addition to the Gottis. Also, the food is quite solid and the deck scene, say for a 7 PM sunset, is a pleasure, indeed. Plus, more people coming to Montauk mean more jobs, influx of cash, increase in property values, locals getting force—oh, right. Anyway, your thoughts welcomed in the comments.
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