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EaterWire Early Edition: No Celebs Harmed in Scuffle at Da Silvano

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Da Silvano, the longstanding West Village celeb hangout owned by playboy and Ferrari owner Silvano Marchetto, was the scene of a minor scuffle last night—and, genuine shocker, it did not involve any B-listers jockying for real estate on Page Six. Our man on the scene:

Crazy story. I am walking into my building across the street from Da Silvanos and Bar Pitti. All of the sudden two cop cars come up Six Ave. the wrong way and stop in front of Da Silvanos. The cops get out of the cars, and everyone in front of DS starts cheering. Apparently some drunk guy had been fighting with the staff, bartenders, and even old Da Silvano himself. My doorman was watching it all go down, and told me what happened: "Some dude got drunk, and started fighting with the staff. He hit the owner, and everyone started freaking out. I walked over and tried to put the guy in a cab to be nice, but he freaked out on me." The cops let the guy go, but everyone was pretty jazzed up about the fight. See the pictures attached.
Waiter, another bottle of the Ott, pronto!

Da Silvano

260 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10012

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