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Upcharge Hall of Fame

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2008_06_kobe_beach.jpg"Hey there, Eater. Quick story from Kobe Beach Club [More—Ed.] for you. Me, my husband and our two friends, another couple, were there for dinner last weekend. Scanning the drinks menu me and my girlfriend both opted for the house punch. $17 a glass for punch but we're at the beach, so whatever. Anyway, the waitress says, "Well, if you're both getting the punch, you should just get the punch bowl." So we do, and out comes an absolutely gargantuan bowl of punch. I mean big like, if we both wanted to both drink ourselves to death right there in the dining room, our husbands would have plenty of punch left to get wasted drowning in their sorrows. Later, out comes the bill. The punch bowl cost $350. Two $17 drinks converted up into $350. Chodorow, you are a genius." [Eater Inbox]

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