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EaterWire: Rockets' Red Glare Etc. Edition

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CHINATOWN—From a tipster, a little holiday weekend DOH action: "FYI: on my way to work I discovered that Chinatown dim sum mainstay, Chatham Square Restaurant, doors were locked and marked by the dreaded Department of Health yellow sticker. I quietly weep my way to work without my daily pork bun fix." [Eater Inbox]

MADISON SQUARE PARK ENVIRONS—The vultures have been circling for Sapa for a little while now, and earlier today we heard word on the street that the place might be doneski. Not so, assures Sapa's Brian Matzkow: "We're closed just for the long weekend. We reopen Monday. Heading to the beach now. Have a great weekend." [EaterWire]

And with that sentiment, and the timeless reminder from an Eater commenter that "2000 samurai swords hanging on the ceiling ain't free," we also bid you adieu for the duration. Back here, same time, same channel, in a post-fireworks haze early Monday morning.

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