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The Diner's Bill of Rights: Uncle Louie's Should be Able to Break My $20

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A reader sent in the above picture yesterday with the following comment:

"It's from the new Louie's Ice Cream on Smith's in the window of their counter window...their explanation was that they didn't have enough cash to pay out change on two or three dollar orders...kind of insane...and maybe even illegal I think."
Ludicrous, we say. If you only have $20s, a common predicament after a trip to the ATM, you should be able to be able to buy an ice cream cone, a pack of gum, or anything you want under this arbitrary $9 cutoff. Last fall, the Seattle PI and the LA Times got a great deal of online attention for publishing their respective Diner's Bill of Rights. Their lists refer to traditional restaurant dining, demanding that every table have salt, that bar tabs be transferred to the bill, and on and on. But if the concept is taken into the take-out, ice cream shop, coffee shop, and hot dog stand arena, "The ability to make the proper change" would rank close to the top of the list, a basic Take-Out Right.
· The Plywood: Uncle Louie's [~E~]
Have some more suggestions for the Diner's Bill of Rights (Take-out or otherwise)? Send them in.

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