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Outing Bloggers: Waiter Rant's 'Waiter' Revealed

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Steve Dublanica, a New York waiter who has anonymously written the blog Waiter Rant for over four and a half years, unmasked himself to the Post today. The big reveal is meant to launch his publicity tour (which includes Q&As with everyone from Cutlets to the Martha Stewart Show to People mag) for his new book, also called Waiter Rant. As is the case when many anon bloggers come out, his true identity means very little to very few people, especially now that he has quit his waitering job. However, now any fans of the site—a collection of often long-winded complaints about his restaurant, his customers, and so on—can put a face to the name.

As for Dublanica's restaurant, which he refers to as 'The Bistro' or 'Café Machiavelli' on the blog, he's still not telling. It's "in the city's affluent suburbs", and we think a commenter over at Cutlets has a good guess in Lanterna Tuscan Bistro in Nyack, NY. Anyone who knows the restaurant's identity for sure, let us know.
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