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Chang Expanding Momofuku Ssam into Laundromat Space Next Door

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EAST VILLAGE—Mayor David Chang's East Village Momofuku empire expands again. Chang drops word that he'll expand Momofuku Ssam Bar into the adjacent storefront (formerly a Laundromat) on the southwest side of East 13th and Second Avenue (one storefront west of Ssam Bar) at the end of the summer. The space looks pretty sizable, let's call it 1,200 square feet at grade, but it's difficult to tell from the outside just how much room they're working with here. Right now the annex is envisioned as a multi-purpose room, possibly an area for private dining. Although, this is the guy who said that Ssam was going to be an Asian burrito joint—and dude keeps saying he wants to do more soft serve. So who's to say, really, how it'll mutate by the time those sweet sweet ChangStoolsTM arrive.

Onto the admin note. The related bad news is that Momofuku Ssam will be closed at the end of August and the beginning of September for the expansion. Chang is predicting they'll be shuttered from Aug 25th - Sept 1, give or take.
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