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Seymour Burton to Re-Open in Sept with One Less Adam, One New Name

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TONY's The Feed blog is reporting that when Seymour Burton finally re-opens—it was closed by the DOH earlier this month for missing a permit— it will not be called Seymour Burton and co-owner Adam Kushner will be out of the picture. It's not incredibly surprising that Adam Cohn, the leftover Adam of the duo, is using the DOH shuttering as an opportunity to finish up renovations, considering the place always seemed like a work zone. However, the departure of Kushner and the duration of this shutter (two months if they open as planned in September) are more alarming, as is the plan to change the famed burger. More from TONY:

"...expect an updated interior and menu, though the general theme will still be 'rustic American'...the cult-favorite burger will return to the menu, but in a different form. 'I’m changing it; I don’t think you can live in the past,' said Cohn, 'We’ll see if the new burger can earn as many friends as the old one did.' According to Cohn, chef Josh Shuffman, who is currently working as executive chef at The E.U., will return with the new venture."
We suppose the Seymour Burton story was never exactly normal to begin with. We'll be back with more details on the new look and this 'new' burger as the news develops.
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