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EaterWire: A Look at Steve Hanson, Thomas Keller, and a Brooklyn BBQ Shutter

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SOUTH SLOPE— Some plywood/shutter news from the tipline: "Brooklyn BarBQ at 6th and 20th has been closed since at least easel board outside said it will be reopening next month as Safe Haven Bar and Grill. Bless any restaurant that can survive literally sandwiched between the local Kitchen Bar/Toby's mini empire. Not sure what happened or if it changed hands. It had its fans." [EaterWire]

STEVE HANSON— August's issue of Forbes includes a piece on New York restaurant god and BR Guest head honcho Steve Hanson. How on earth does he stay profitable with the current economy? By paying attention to everything, including patrons' body language, chipped plates, the temperature every night (for the heat lamps), and the cost of tomatoes. He also keeps an enormous database of customers' phone numbers, spending habits, and favorite dishes. [Forbes]

KELLER WORLD— Thomas Keller gives a rather candid video interview. He shares advice for young chefs ("be patient, be persistent"), discusses why television doesn't appeal to him, and finally, does some snap assessments (pork or beef? tea or coffee? French Laundry or Per Se?). [YumSugar via Eater SF]

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