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Chef Sightings: Samuelsson Takes a Break, Plays Soccer

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A correspondent writes in with a sighting of Marcus Samuelsson, taking a break from his growing restaurant and cookware empire and recovering from his recent break from Merkato 55:

"How to get over a restaurant break-up? Sweat out the tears at an all-day, Adidas-sponsored hipster soccer tournament at Waterside Park in Chelsea. Not sure what team Marcus Samuelsson was playing for, but there was a La Esquina team, and another team made up of French restaurant employees. Other teams included Kid Robot, Complex magazine, Earnest Sewn, Tokion, Vice, etc. An Olsen twin was in attendance. Catering was Brother Jimmy's."
Just because the man has restaurants opening from Chicago to Tokyo and allegedly watches over his kitchens in New York doesn't mean he can't spare a day for a soccer tourney.
· Marcus Samuelsson Divorces Merkato 55, Ends Epic Charade [~E~]

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