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Opening Report: 3 Day-Old Williamsburger Already Riling Up The Neighbors

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Will Femia, 7/26/08

Williamsburger, the new south side burger joint to replace Fire & Ice finally opened on Friday on South 2nd and Wythe, and we already have some mixed neighborhood reports. According to a reader who lives next door, a first visit yielded positive results. He's hoping it sticks around, if only for that egg and bacon breakfast special (see last photo). However another resident is already annoyed:

"I received a menu under my door just now. A few things: The tagline on the menu is 'BEEFING UP HIPSTERS'- which is really annoying to me. They appear to only use iceberg lettuce (personal pet peeve of mine) and refer to mushrooms as 'shrooms'. They have items like an 'Asian Burger' with ginger, garlic and soy and their types of cheeses are 'white cheddar, maytag blue, gruyere swiss and government'. Does government mean orange welfare cheese?...Other oddities include sides of perogies (huh?) ,chili fries and something called 'Cory's secret spicy mayo'. I dunno about this place."

Tough words for a three day old restaurant. And we can tell you right now, this isn't the last you've heard about Williamsburger. Expect the local burger obsessives and BBurg foodies to file their reports within the week.
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