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Monday Opening Report: Botanica Certified Open, Whiskey Tavern Maybe Tonight

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This is the Monday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.

Botanica in Red Hook [Photo Credit]

1) Chinatown: Thrillist reports that a new bar called Whiskey Tavern opens today in Chinatown from the owners of Whiskey Town. They describe it as: “A no-BS respite for doddering drunkards envisioned by the chronically distilled brothers behind Whiskey Town, Whiskey Tavern's a dusky, four-flat-screened...tavern, lodged in a Downtown space that's housed bars continuously since the mid-40s.” And the food: “Because people who call bars home often hurt themselves with forks, Tavern makes a point of serving only no-cutlery fare like wings, poppers, burgers, and egg & cheese sandwiches, plus a dessert selection limited to two: Hostess Cupcake, and the other Hostess Cupcake.” Status: Certified Open via The Modern Age. 79 Baxter Street; 212-374-9119. [Thrillist]

2) Red Hook: A tipster reports that a new bar named Botanica has opened on Conover Street in Red Hook. We found further reading and pictures on Amy Langfield’s NY Notebook: "Just ordered fancy 10 dollar cocktails at brand new bar Botanica, two blocks from Sunnys on Conover in Red Hook. Husband ordered Death in the Afternoon: champagne, absinthe and san bitters. There's a 35 dollar beer on the menu, albeit for a 25 ouncer. Cocktails were indeed good - and extremely potent. This place went in fast, as I think renovations on the place started in June, maybe even early July.” Status: Certified Open. Corner of Conover and Coffey Streets, Red Hook; No phone. [Eater Inbox; Amy Langfield's NY Notebook]

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