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EaterWire: Planet Thai and Cosi DOH'd, a Rant Against the Famed Di Fara's

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WILLIAMSBURG— A non-shocker: North 7th Street's Planet Thai has been hit by the DOH. They explain in their handwritten sign that they'll be "close for a few days". [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN— A reader chimes in with some more DOH Chronicles: "Cosi on 48th and 6th DOH'd. Supposedly 'a water main broke.' Open tomorrow they said." [EaterWire]

MIDWOOD— Today Gothamist points out what some would consider a heretical rant against the famed Di Fara's: "The shit people will put up with when they're told its 'hip' is really unbelievable. The place was absolutely filthy...Clean the ovens, you old bat!...For me the last straw was when these two girls who were dressed like Cyndi Lauper pulled out their cameras to document Dom cutting the basil on their pies. Like it was the big money shot." Cutty of course, has a response: "How can we begin to unpack the gall, the crust, the audacity of this? Some anonymous writer is going to lecture Dom De Marco on what constitutes Brooklyn culture?...We never thought we would live long enough to hear something this ridiculous." [Gotham City Insider; Gothamist; Cutlets]

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