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The Shutter: 17 Year-Old Cafe Mozart and 20 Year-old Coco Pazzo Meet Their Ends

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1) Upper West Side: An alarmed reader informed us today that the website is down and the phone is disconnected for Lincoln Center staple Cafe Mozart. A spot check confirms: the space is closed and gutted, and from a sign in the window, it looks like the place was seized by the landlord. Theater-goers, it's time to start looking for a new post-opera snack spot. [Shutter Inbox]

2) Upper East Side: On the Bruniblog, Pete Wells is reporting that the 20 year-old Coco Pazzo is shuttering as well. According to the owner Pino Luongo, the landlord won't renew his lease and is hoping for a retailer to move in: "He goes to court tomorrow morning to find out just when he will have to move out. 'Sometimes they give you a week or two, and sometimes they decide that you have to be out of there at once,' he said." [Diner's Journal]

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