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The Drying of NYC: Tribeca & FiDi Put Up a Fight Against Peppers, 6 Murray St.

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Today the Downtown Express reports on two downtown bars receiving major resistance from the Tribeca and FiDi communities. One is in hot water with Community Board 1 due to gunshots and rowdy patrons, the other, to the owner's connections with celebs Justin Timberlake and his ex Cameron Diaz. Both will meet their fate at the full board meeting next week:

The case of 6 Murray St:
Background: Owner Eytan Sugarman, who also co owns Southern Hospitality with Justin Timberlake, would like to open a sports bar at 6 Murray St. He promised the community that celebs like Cameron Diaz would be regular customers.
The Community's Issue: They fear it "will turn their quiet block into a rowdy, late-night scene, with limos, celebrities and crowds."
Measures Taken: The biggest complainer took a trip to Southern Hospitality and reported back to the group that it's a loud, traffic inducing nuisance. She has a petition to deny the liquor license recommendation with 150 names.
Choice quote: "I'll be damned if I’m going to let that happen to my neighborhood."

The Case of Pepper's:
Background: Pepper's a.k.a Club Fahrenheit is a Tribeca club on Leonard and Broadway that is neither up for a new lease nor a liquor license renewal until October. However, the club has been deemed so noisy and violent that CB 1 members think it should be shut down.

The Community's Issue: Fighting patrons leaving the club at 4 a.m. wake up residents, the shootings (the most recent took place on June 2), are deemed dangerous, and the community says they cater to an underage clientele.
Measure's Taken: Community members hired a lawyer to lobby for the bar's closure. They realized the owners lied on their original liquor license application among a number of other transgressions.
Choice Quote: "It’s outrageous. We’re not talking about the Wild West here — we live in the City of New York.'"

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