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The Shutter: Pennyfeathers, Leonardo Da Vinci, Tea Lounge, Brick Oven Gallery, and More

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1) West Village: A tipster has the news on Pennyfeathers: "Walked by pennyfeathers in the west village and they seem to have closed down. not that it will be particularly missed, since it was always empty." And a correspondent confirms: "A grumpy guy inside confirmed that the restaurant was closed and that they would be selling off their equipment in the coming months." [Shutter Inbox]

2) Upper East Side: A reader writes in to report on an unfortunate shutter of an oft-empty Italian joint on the UES: "I was walking on Second Ave today and saw another 'shutter'. Leonardo Da Vinci, on second ave and 83 or 82nd st. It says "closed for renovations" but we all know what that means. I live in the neighborhood and never saw the place busy." [Shutter Inbox]

3) Upper West Side: And another reader wonders about the UWS's Pizzabolla: "Just walked by a favorite Italian place on Amsterdam and 92nd today---PIZZABOLLA, and it looks like it's closed. No tables or chairs inside, but the awning is still up and the bar/counter is still there. I really enjoyed their food. does anyone know what happened to them?" Any intel? Send it in. [Shutter Inbox]

4) Park Slope: As predicted earlier this season, Park Slope's Tea Lounge is shuttering for good. Here's Jerimiah's Vanishing: "Tea Lounge has gone, much to the chagrin of Park Slope moms, bloggers, novelists, tea drinkers (like the tipster who sent in these pics), and possibly a few terrorists." [Jeremiah's Vanishing]

5) Williamsburg: Though it was mistakenly reported as shuttered in April by the Brooklyn Paper, FreeWilliamsburg has it that Brick Oven Gallery has now honestly, truly met their demise. A note from the owner's relative: "We ended on a good note with all of our regular customers there to help us mark the day. It was sort of bittersweet. We hopefully will be relocating within a month." [FW via Slice]

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