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The Mega-Plywood Report: The Popeye's Space, Se Ja Meh, Hummus Place, Cafe Select, and More!!

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1) East Village: A tipster writes in: "The old Popeye's at 13th and 1st had some fresh sheets of plywood put up across the facade this weekend. Permits posted say the new place will be called 'The Cookout Grill.' They're gutting the inside as we speak." It's a prime location, and the neighbors have been waiting a while for something good come in. We'll keep you updated. [PLYWOOD]

2) Financial District: A reader noticed a new Korean BBQ joint going in downtown: "The old Mexican spot at Greenwich and Cedar Street has morphed into a new Korean BBQ. There seems to be a lot of interest in opening new places down here with the new W hotel limping-up around the corner at 123 Washington. Two years ago you couldn't really get anything to eat on Greenwich (other than a silce and a lap dance) and now there are four or five places. The owner 'Danny' said the place Se Ja Meh will be open the second or third week of August." [PLYWOOD]

3) Soho: And we've got the newest shots of Cafe Select, Serge Becker's new spot set to open soon around the corner from La Esquina. [PLYWOOD]

4) West Village: A tipster writes in about the progress at the new Hummus Place on 7th Ave South: "I chatted with one of the restaurant's partners, Sharon Hoota, who told me the place should be ready by next weekend. The decor is pretty snazzy - like Kurve meets the casbah, but with everything taken down many, many notches - and Hoota seemed pretty optimistic about finishing the build-out." [PLYWOOD]

5) Midtown: Today Midtown Lunch reports on the plywood of yet another new burger joint in Midtown: "Burger 41...appears to be taking over the Burger King that used to be across from Cafe Zaiya on 41st btw. Mad+5th. What you see on their very Burger King’ish sign is all I know about this place." [PLYWOOD]

6) Upper East Side: National bowling chain Lucky Strike is set to open on the Upper East Side: "...they are hiring an event sales manager. Lucky Strike is big in L.A. (you might remember the guys from Entourage went there for Vince’s movie premiere?) and is finally making its way to us. There is even a dress code that is enforced to bowl?pretentious bowling, huh??We’re all for it!!" UPDATE: From AM Lifestyle: "...apparently the geniuses @ Lucky Strike who posted on Craigslist that they were hiring think their 42nd St. and 11th Avenue location is the Upper East Side. Their location is part of Hells Kitchen..." [PLYWOOD]

7) Clinton Hill: According to Clinton Hill Blog, Il Porto, a restaurant promising brick oven pizza, is making some major progress over by the Navy Yard: "The boys at RePop tell me they hope to be open within three weeks. August is generally a slow time for local businesses, so let’s make sure to check them out when they open the doors!" [PLYWOOD]

8) Dumbo: A new Choice Market is going into the J Condo building on the corner of Jay and York Streets: "Choice Market is a neighborhood cafe and takeout store, which serves organic and healthy foods, has a the boho vibe of a hippie hangout in a college town, according to the NY Mag listing of its Clinton Hill location. As a neighborly community cafe and hang out location, the now empty corner of York/Jay Street has the potential to become a destination for neighbors to grab a coffee and a house baked pastry." [PRE-PLYWOOD]

9) Somewhere in Brooklyn: We stumbled across some Flickr shots of some extreme plywood. According to the comments section it will become a ramen shop in Brooklyn. Any details are welcome. [PLYWOOD]

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