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Botch Jobs: Food Network Reveals Winner of 'Next Food Network Star' 3 Days Before Finale

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File under, Things that would Never Happen on Bravo. Last night the Food Network's "Next Food Network Star" website, in a colossal error, posted the exit interviews of the two losing contestants and a clip of the winning contestant's "Winning Moment" even though the finale show does not air until Sunday night. All offending videos, and a preview of the winner's new show "Big Daddy's House", are down now, but the damage has been done. The best part is the Food Network's response to a site asking for comment:

" experienced technical difficulties last night. As our viewers have seen on The Next Food Network Star this season, many twists
and turns have taken place during the show. We encourage all to tune in
on Sunday at 10pm to see who will be the Next Food Network Star."
But then what else can you say? 'Sorry we bungled the job, fans. Please don't cancel your finale night parties.' Luckily enough, this isn't Top Chef and we don't think the fan base is particularly rabid. Click through for the evidence of the screw up:

Aarons Winning Moment, bottom right

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