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Turf Wars: Wafels and Van Leeuwen Battle it Out

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The downside of so many food trucks debuting in New York? Turf wars. An Eater reader has a report:

"Perhaps there aren't enough parking space for them all to co-exist! Yesterday I was sampling the goods from gourmet ice cream truck, parked over by Trader Joe's in Union Square. At around 4pm, Waffles and Dinges comes by to park their truck, which is when and where they normally set up shop. Ice cream truck seemed unaware of this and an argument ensued. Eventually, Ice Cream Truck got the boot."
Last we heard, the Van Leeuwen truck was parking four blocks from the Dessert Truck's turf over on University Place, an equally bold move for the newest truck on the block. Don't be surprised if we hear about more face offs with this crew.
· Dessert Wars: Dessert Truck, Impostor Waffle, and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream [~E~]

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