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ShackWatch: Shake Shack's New Design Explained

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After some new Shake Shack UWS plywood was revealed yesterday, there was some chatter in the comments and elsewhere that the creators were ripping off the Midwest burger joint Steak 'n' Shake. Some said it was stealing, others said it was an homage. The designer of the restaurant's "identity" at Pentagram writes in today to say everyone's got it wrong:

"I designed the new Shake Shack identity and the original existing identity. The permanent signage on the exterior of the new Shake Shack will appear as the original logo, familiar from the Madison Square Park location. The new retail identity will be used in the interior for items like menu boards, cups, paper and packaging, but not on the architecture. The sign in your shot is temporary--it's just a piece of paper.
The new identity is not an homage to Steak n Shake. The typography has nothing in common--the new Shake Shack logotype is in script. Sometimes it appears straight. Sometimes it will appear in a stamp or seal in a circular motif. Saying it's a rip-off of the Steak n Shake logo is like saying a hot dog is just like a hamburger because they're both in a bun".
And there we have it. There's enough room in this world for two round black and white burger logos. We'll be on the lookout for when the new permanent sign goes up on the exterior.
· Plywood Update: Shake Shack Signage Revealed [~E~]

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