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Chang on Charlie Rose

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2008_07_changrose.jpgDavid Chang appeared on the Charlie Rose show last night, and Serious Eats has all the clips. Chang plays the usual coy game by saying he's not very special or original and doesn't try to get nor does he deserve the media attention. But the hour long interview is incredibly in depth and worth a watch. Most interesting, of course, is his response when Rose asks if he'll open a place in Vegas: "That's the loaded question. I would say it's pretty good...I'm not ambivalent. It's really hard to do business in New York. What the dining culture doesn't understand is that we're not a food culture like we are in France and Italy and Japan where you can sort of run a restaurant like a mom and pop operation...In New York with all the construction's hard because these buildings are tough and they're small, and with someone from Las Vegas you have the opportunity to do something fresh and new." [Charlie Rose; SE]

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