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Restaurant Week Spot Check: Anthos

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Restaurant: Anthos
Time: 7:30
Space: 2/3 full
Menu: Decent choices that gave a taste of what this kitchen can do on a normal night. Raw meze, mussles and calamari, or salad for starters, a lamb shank, or sizable portions of milk-fed chicken or grilled arctic char for entree, and yogurt or chocolate dessert.
Assessment: Excellent (though not worlds better than the cheaper Mia Dona). The portions weren't smaller than usual, and it didn't seem like they were skimping on ingredients.
Extras: Small plate of olives, haloumi, and mini meatballs, amuse, small bag of cookies with the check
Service: Cheery and efficient but incredibly rushed. Wine glasses taken seconds after finishing the last sip, check picked up before we even opened it to pay. Hardly any time between courses.
Duration: In and out the door in 40 minutes

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