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Florent Update: Farewell Bonus Checks in the Mail

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In late May Florent Morellet announced he would auction off all the memorabilia on Florent's walls on eBay and distribute the profits among the employees. Almost a month after the closing employees haven't received anything, and many have wondered if the money will come at all. Florent calls to set the record straight:

"Yes it's been done. The sale of the maps took a awhile. People don't understand that there were close to 85 pieces sold and these things take time...I did this all with just an assistant so I read those comments and it's like give me a break. So we're are going to begin giving the money out this week...It's a little under $50,000. My shrink told me to move on, so I'm moving on...I'm just very happy everyone will get a good bon voyage."
So to those 30 or so employees: expect a little over a grand to be arriving any day now.
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