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DOH Chronicles: Country Can't Catch a Break, Fails Re-Inspection

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Madison Sq. Park: Country, the beleaguered Madison Sq. Park restaurant with a "poor inspection history" with the DOH, has failed yet another inspection, this time for some purported front of the house issues. On Friday the place was shuttered mainly for lacking city approval for its cryovac procedures and for having an assortment of unlabeled vacuum packed meat. According to a source inside, the restaurant failed re-inspection due to some measly little fruit flies (and perhaps a bully of a DOH):

"Front of the House issues this time with fruit flies the main offender...28 points needed to fail and 28 points awarded in fruit flies at the bar and storage areas...Sad, but the Country FOH employees are actually staying put and keep showing up for work only to be turned away or asked to clean...The DOH is being tough on fruit flies when many restaurants are riddled with vermin..."
Man, the place can't catch a break. Because the closure has been so protracted (if they fail re-inspection today, they will be missing their fifth night of service, during restaurant week no less), it's about time for an official statement. Take it away Geoffrey:
"In our quest to work directly with local, artisanal farmers and purveyors to bring our customers the best food possible, our restaurant violated some codes; specifically the use of an on-premise cryovac machine for vacuum packaging. For that we apologize.
Over the last several days, the restaurant has been working diligently with the Department of Health to rectify these outstanding violations in an effort to reopen this evening and begin serving our customers again.
Rest assured that going forward our Chefs and kitchen will continue to seek out the best ingredients from the most reputable purveyors staying within all USDA and DOH guidelines in order to continue bringing customers our signature brand of 'from the market cuisine.'"
The restaurant has petitioned the DOH to come back again today to give them another chance, so file this case under 'wait and see'. For the time being, there is a winner in all this. We hear from the team at Olana that the hotel has been sending a lot of disappointed guests their way.
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