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The Plywood Report: The 360 Space, Kellogg's Diner, Cafe Select, and More!

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1) Red Hook: Here's the most recent shot of the old 360 space, which, as Lost City reported, will soon re-open as an Italian place this September. [PLYWOOD]

2) Williamsburg: Union Ave. classic Kellogg's Diner has removed its plywood to reveal a new face lift. The shiny outside looks to have gotten the most work, but note that the deli/grocery at the entrance is doneski and the booths look like they could be new. If they just deal with the food quality and get a decent chef in there, this place will have guaranteed business as one of the few late night options in the area. [PLYWOOD]

3) Soho: Though it already held a few opening parties, the latest report on Serge Becker's Cafe Select put the opening date at the end of this month. And a tipster with the above pic tells us they are getting closer. [PLYWOOD]

4) Lower East Side: From the tipline: "I saw some interior work being done at the former 71 Clinton Fresh Food site this morning. The for rent sign was still up but it looks like a build out is underway. Its been shut for well over a year, maybe two." Oh yes, that would be two. Two years. [PLYWOOD]

5) Midtown East: A new coffee shop Orchard House Cafe is going in on the corner of 58th and 1st. A tipster wonders if this is a chain or a mom and pop, and we're not entirely sure. If you have any intel, let us know. [PLYWOOD]

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