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Plywood Coda: The Perplexing Tivo Pizza Bar

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Midtown East: Located in the old Ribot space on 3rd and 48th, we introduce Tivo, a new pizza joint from the people who run Avra, Patsy's, Dean's, and Adrienne's. New pizza is all well and good, but the neighbors are asking, of all the names in the world...why Tivo?: "Has anyone commented on what a stupid name this is for a restaurant?? Tivo?? Would anyone eat there? Can I record Desperate Housewives in there?...Too bad they can't pause and rewind the name selection process for this one!" Zing! We're suspecting a lot of jokes of that caliber will be coming across the wire if this restaurant gets big. We can only hope it somehow warrants visits from the critics, just to see what titles their crack copy editors come up with for the reviews.
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