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Top Chef Questions: Can Judging Be Fair in NYC?

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A reader and friend of a cheftestant sends the following blind item/question to the Top Chef tip line:

"Say a certain contestant had had a little tryst with a rakish new york rock star chef who is known to be a guest judge on the show. How does this affect his/her decision making ability when the celeb chef has to judged the contestant's food?
The larger the fact that a lot of the contestants will have worked in the New York restaurant world, and a lot of the guest judges will be from the New York restaurant world, and there are bound to be some pre existing relationships between contestants and judges. How will the producers make sure that the judging is fair?"
For the record, we don't even want to know about the "tryst." (Is it you Talbot, Iuzzini?) But he does have a point. As the caliber of contestant rises, will guest judges like Boulud, Dufresne, and Portale eventually be scoring their former sous chefs and line cooks? And would it affect the supposed "fairness" of the show?
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