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Eldridge Frenzy Continues

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2008_07_eldridge.jpgMr. Cutlets runs a long Q&A with Matt Levine, owner of the forthcoming exclusive club, the Eldridge. After reading it over, he might just be our new favorite ridiculous nightlife personality: "Rather than security guards, we’re going to call them chaperones. Rather than waitresses, they’re table attendants. Rather than bartenders, we’re calling them butlers...If you want sushi, we have a sushi menu. If you want Mexican, we’ll have a Mexican menu. We’ve also got an American menu, a deli menu, and a Greek menu." Oh, and why they're closed on weekends: "Everyone I know goes away on the weekends. I wanted to keep it New York. I just thought as far as the vibe goes, the people who go to the Eldridge, they’re not in the city on weekends." At this juncture, we have to ask, is this an actual place or a joke Levine is playing on the bloggers? [Cutlets]

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