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NY Mag's 2008 Cheap Eats Out Today

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NY Mag's annual Cheap Eats edition is out today to tell you where to find meals for a dollar (note: we're talking dumplings, pizza, and meat on a stick), what cheap foods the city's famous chefs like, and how much the prices of certain staples have increased over the past year (Di Fara's made the biggest jump). The meatiest part of the issue, the 'Cheap List' by the Robs, is a useful reference and a nice summary of all the new places that have opened in the last year. However, as often happens with these kinds of pieces, one gets the sense that the Robs were trying to reach a quota here with some of their choices, more focused on grouping newcomers together in easily digestible categories than in making the best recommendations. That said, those two pack in a lot of info, and it merits a read through. The rest of it— the Consumer Price Index, the best meals under $5, the Water Taxi Beach/DB Bistro Moderne face off— is pure glossy mag gold.
· Eat Cheap 2008 [NYM]
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db Bistro Moderne

55 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036 212 391 2400

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