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Resy Giveaway Aftermath: "We Have no Water or AC"

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On Friday we gave away reservations to The Little Owl and Lupa. We received emails from the usual suspects: brokenhearted romantics, depressed office drones, folks with anniversaries, and Little Owl fans who are great at coming up with sob stories. Read though the the best of the lot to see what people will write to get a coveted reservation:

"Please bestow the awesomeness that I have not experienced of The Little Owl upon me. And with this oppressive heat and humidity my hair is going to be a frizzy, fro'd out mess and the makeup is going to melt of my glisteningly sweaty cheeks. Little Owl's sliders will be the only way to distract my boyfriend from this imminent catastrophe. Please help me. Also, I think I've been a pretty good sport seeing as how I've competed for this same resy at least two other times." (winner)

"The DEP is working on the water main outside our building so we have no water or A/C today. Dinner at Lupa would lift our spirits." (winner)

"I think I could use the reso to Lupa because I've had a bad week? a root canal and a stomach bug? a good meal could make it all better."

"Cuz ever since i hooked up with Mario Batalli I can't get the smell of garlic out of my pubes. Motherf*cker owes me one." (DQ'ed)

"My guy and I moved out of the city 5 months ago and now having great meals in the city, one of our favorite hobbies, is a thing of the past. Not only is it hard to get in and out (laziness), but it's also become unaffordable. We're getting married next month and feel completely bogged down with expenses. At great meal is just what we need...Before I have to fit into a wedding dress."

"Roses are red,
Violets are Blue.
Dinner at Little Owl
Tonight? For two?
I would so love these reservations because tomorrow morning, my husband and I are off to spend the weekend with his step-mother, for whom we harbor evil thoughts. This dinner would help get us through the weekend."

"I would absolutely love the Little Owl reservation for 2 - my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary tonight. We've tried numerous times in the past to eat there and have never been able to. He would absolutely die if I could surprise him with this!"

"I've been dating someone for 10 months. We broke up last week. She was eating the meatballs at Little Owl was always out of the question! I just got emailed from someone I always thought was cute that would like to go out she is an omnivore. Little Owl or Luna would be a perfect first date spot."

"My girlfriend just moved from Texas to be with me here in New York. She was let go from her job, left behind all of her friends, sold her house, and sold almost all of her belongings just to live with me in a tiny box in NYC. Needless to say, the past couple of weeks have been so hectic and she’s going through a rough time coping with so much—cramped living, unemployment, and no friends."

"PLEASE consider me for the 8 pm little owl reservations! i am trying to win my boyfriend back (we went on a break a few months ago- it was my doing but I realized soon after I had made a huge mistake). he agreed to hang out with me tonight and i am trying to come up with the perfect night."

" wife and I are having date-night tonight. We have been running all over the place the entire summer and finally have a night with no plans...Surprising her with a primo resi would make her week (and she has had a rough one at that with one of her most trusted employees resigning on her yesterday leaving $5 million of fundraising accounts in her lap). This is the warm and fuzzy part of the story...she is a do-gooder that raises millions upon millions of dollars on behalf of a well-known non-profit organization...Unlike me (and you) who do next to nothing for those in need, she actually works with a purpose other than to fill our pockets..."

Lupa Osteria Romana

170 Thompson Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 982-5089 Visit Website

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