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Reality TV Watch: Bravo Announces 'Top Chef: Masters'

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Yesterday, Bravo announced a number of shows that they currently have in development including Real Housewives Atlanta, American Artists (a Project Runway for artists hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker), and most relevantly, Top Chef: Masters, a new Top Chef spinoff. The details are scarce but here's their brief description:

"A spin-off of the Emmy-nominated hit series "Top Chef" and from producers Magical Elves, "Top Chef: Masters" unites some of the brightest stars in the world of food, award-winning, widely-renowned Chefs who will compete against each other in a series of weekly challenges."
OMFG. Famous chefs, duking it out Top Chef style? Of course the success of the endeavor totally depends on the caliber of chef they get to sign on to this (we don't think the Waters, Adrias, or even Flays of the world would agree to live secluded in one of those cheftestant houses), but there's definite potential. Could we have some Pelaccio/Burrell restaurant wars in our future? And more importantly, where does this leave Top Chef for teens?
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