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Eater Inside: Kurve

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Krieger, 7/20/08

Kurve, the bizarre Thai restaurant from Rhong Tiam's Andy Yang and designer Karim Rashid that we've all been waiting for for almost a year now, is finally set to open. And yes, it's just as bonkers inside as we expected it would be (the colors! the windows! the green floor!). Once everyone gets over the look of the place, they'll focus their attention on food, and according to NY Mag it's an eclectic menu— shark’s-fin dumplings, foie gras shumai, a miso-dressed nori sampler and a $90 five-ounce Wagyu steak. We'll see by the early Chowhound reports if Kurve can get the same accolades as Rhong Tiam. By the look of the place, there might be some major push back from the neighborhood.

According to Kurve reps, they are now shooting to open "in the next couple of days" so we'll keep you posted. Further reading here and here.