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Eater Call to Action: Recruiting Top Chef Season 5 Spies

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People. According to some insider intel (okay, a friend of a cheftestant), Top Chef Season 5 began filming over the weekend. Breathe. Breathe. That means together we have about six weeks to spy on Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, the group of motley cheftestants, and a bevy of famed guest stars as they have their way with our wonderful food-filled city. We need your eyes and your tips. Know this: readers who send in primo tips will be rewarded. We have a slew of New York Wine & Food Fest tickets and a number of prime resys for the Top Chef spies with the best intel, sightings, and photos. Here are some places to keep watch over:

· 20 Bayard: Base Camp. This is where the contestants will go at then end of every night, where they will eat, drink, fight, sleep, smoke, bitch. Residents in the area should be on high alert.
· The Benjamin Hotel: According to Page Six Mag this is where all quickfires will take place.
· The Union Square Greenmarket: Where the contestants are bound to do their shopping. (Also keep an eye on other big city Greenmarkets.)
· Whole Foods: If last season is any guide, they may do all non-greenmarket shopping at any one of the city's Whole Food locations.
· Chinatown: We will be surprised if they don't have some kind of dim sum challenge.
·Famous Delis: Keep an eye on Katz's, 2nd Ave Deli, and even the Midtown giants in the case of a 'working behind the counter' quickfire
· The Craft Empire: It would be strange of Colicchio if he didn't offer up one of his restaurants after invading so many others.
· Famous Pizza places: a pizza challenge is possible but not incredibly likely given last season's ep. 1 challenge. Either way, keep an eye on the Manhattan and BK biggies.
· Street Food: Chances are pretty good they'll have a street vendor challenge a la season two. But where? Midtown? Red Hook? Jackson Heights? Be on the lookout.
· Peter Luger: Wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility given the base camp location
· Yankee or Shea stadium: Maybe they'll even have a Danny Meyer cameo?
We have heard that contestants that didn't make the cut have been asked to act as 'diners' in an episode to be filmed this week. However, the location is up in the air. We should also mention that they have not yet requested a permit to film in Central Park. So cross that off your lists. Anyone with any suggestions on where to have our Eater Top Chef Recon team camp out, leave them in the comments. Any primo TC intel, send it this way.
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