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Sheridan Square Watch: Franklin Becker's New Menu

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This morning, Franklin Becker, the new executive chef to replace Gary Robins at the deathwatched Sheridan Square emails over one hundred of his closest industry friends (Frankie: BCC'ing was probably the better move here), to let us all know about his new menu at the floundering West Village giant. Let's see what he's got planned:

...I began on July 15th and hope to debut my new menu on August 11th. Expect items such as Cherry wood grilled Octopus with shaved fennel, orange and mint; Satur Farms Baby Field Greens with Jasper Hill Blue 'croutons' and crisp ham. We will also take full advantage of Sheridan Square's beautiful wood burning grill...For dessert expect to see plays on American classics such as our "Flying Saucers" with macadamia brittle...and Brown butter Pain Perdue with bananas 'foster' and ovaltine ice cream. Sheridan Square will be a peanut free environment and we will respect and care for those with dietary restrictions, aversions and allergies.
We can't say our hearts are racing, but with the right price point and early positive feedback, Becker might have a chance in that unfortunate space. File under, wait and see. Deathwatch status: unchanged.
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