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Delicatessen Trying Its Best to Piss off the Neighbors

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It was pretty hard not to notice the huge opening party for Delicatessen last night, what with the velvet ropes, decked out PR girls with clipboards, and loud music and drunken revelers spilling out onto Lafayette and Prince. We agree with DBTH's take: whoever approved this liquor license is regretting it now. However, according to a tipster, the party itself was quite the fun time:

"It was packed to the gills with scenesters, models, PR people, fashion forward Soho hipsters and oddly enough a few really old people who I can only assume were someone's grandparents. I saw John Delucie Chef of Waverly Inn there and the chef from Boqueria Seamus Mullen...The interior is very very cool, and I sat down with the interior design team for a bit who was holding court in the back room...The place has a really open feel on the ground floor. I think that was the point so you can people watch while you drink (eat). The party as a whole once it slowed down at like 11:00 was awesome."

But what about the food? Cutlets has the run down on the offerings, the most interesting of which was "cheeseburger wontons that tasted somewhat like fried White Castles." More to come on the real opening, food, and early reviews, but if this was Delicatessen setting the tone, this place is anything but an innocuous addition to the nabe.
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