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Eaters' Journal 7/18/08: Bubby's, Convivio, Lupa, Diner, and Clover Club

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Krieger, 6/17/08

Bubby's: Dear Bubby's, Off the Dead to Me list you came this afternoon, because I had a craving just like it was old times. I'm the fool: Order came WRONG AGAIN, plus this new bun you're using for the burgers is for absolute shit. Hope you're enjoying the improved profit margins, because you're DEAD TO ME again. —BL

Diner: I know everyone loves Diner. Their meat is great, they're breaking down whole animals now, they are currently the culinary darlings of Manhattanites who want fancy food in Brooklyn. And believe me, I've had some great meals there. However while the burger was perfection last night, I have to classify their sloppy and sickly sweet hazelnut butter and apricot crostini and their dandelion salad as straight up misfires. —Kludt

Convivio: If night three wasn't so impressive, I'd have taken issue with Reichl's day-one rave. But Chef White is already at 3/4 speed, as evidenced by great, complex but understated offerings such as fusilli with neapolitan pork shoulder ragu, cacciocavallo fonduta (something of a creamy mozzarella essence poured over it) and the lamb chop. Desserts need work, but that's a footnote. Flo Fab, why the cold shoulder on the way out? —BL

Clover Club: I stopped by newish Smith Street cocktail destination Clover Club last week. The place is nice, but the layout is kind of strange. A host stand at a bar? Confusing. Was I supposed to reserve? Was my friend waiting behind the curtain in the back? Was I even allowed in the back? I've never felt this awkward at Brooklyn Social. On to the drinks—they are pricey for the neighborhood, but then again, this is the nicest bar in the neighborhood. I had the Southside Fizz (gin, lime, cucumber and mint; $10), which was very tasty but opted for a different, more potent drink the next go-round -- the Highland Smash, made with scotch, lemon, mint and honey. You can't even taste the scotch! I would have ordered three more, except it was $11. —Price

Lupa: Dinner here was delicious as always, even if we had to wait two hours for it. And they didn't smirk (as they probably should have) at my date when he asked to take home the dregs of our $40 bottle of wine. So, there's that. —Kludt
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