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DOH Chronicles Coda: The DOH Weighs in on Country

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Madison Square Park: The DOH has just called us with the official word on Country. Unsurprisingly, the reasons for their closure were neither flood related nor 'minor infractions'. Straight from the DOH rep:

"The health department did close them today. They are in our accelerated program because of their poor inspection history. They have failed several inspections in the past year, so they were sent a letter that said they needed to pass two in a row to get our of that increased inspection program. And failed this inspection.

The main issue, although there were several, was that they had significant quantities of meat that were vacuum sealed. If you're doing reduced oxygen packaging cooking, you have to have it approved through the Health Department, which a lot of restaurants do. They didn't have a plan to do that, and they also could not document where they got that meat from. It wasn't labeled, it wasn't dated, they couldn't say who had sealed it or where it came from. There was definitively a health risk there. That was a significant issue that lead to their closure."

Sounds like the 'upkeep' the staff said they are doing over the weekend involved throwing away a fridge full of meat. Let the transition to steakhouse begin.
· DOH Chronicles Update: Country 'Closed For Upkeep'

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