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Hangover Observations: Celebrate Flatiron Chefs

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Last night chefs, media types, foodies, and plenty of suits from the neighborhood stopped by Madison Square Park for the Celebrate Flatiron Chefs event to benefit the Madison Square Park Conservancy. Like most of these neighborhood tasting events (see Taste of Tribeca, Taste of the LES), tickets were pricey ($150) but food, drink, and chef spotting were in abundance. While we're going to file this one under uneventful, there were a few highlights:

1) Almost all the big name chefs (The Pelaccio at Fatty Cue, Zakarian with Willis Loughhead at Country, Ivy Stark at Dos Caminos) were manning their own tables, something you hope for in these kinds of events but don't always get.

2) Douglas Rodriguez of Nuela, the restaurant supposedly opening in the Sapa space, was there with bells on with exec chef Adam Schop. Rodriguez says the deal on the space is done, he'll open in October, and he'll get his team into the space in the first week of August.

3) Though Will Goldfarb is, and always has been, a crazy minx, his chocolates from the Dessert Studio bested most desserts in the event.

4) The Pelaccionator himself was manning a Fatty 'Cue table (strange because we didn't think that was going into the Flatiron at all), telling fans he was focusing all his energy on his Fatty empire and not entertaining thoughts of new projects. Later, when partner in crime Goldfarb suggested they 'joke make out' for an Eater photo op, Zacky P was not having it.

5) Though, thankfully, liquor was in abundance, the most popular booth of all was St. Germain's. Not only was the line long, it was also a wee bit rowdy with besuited gents and their tanned ladies all jockeying to get to the front. People: it's just elderflower liquor. Take a breather.

6) The bluegrass band was for the most part innocuous, that is until they played the 'Thong Song'.

More coverage of last night's event (including Zakarian's thoughts on Bruni and a killer shot of Gail Simmons and Sir Cutlets) here and here.

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