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Eater Inside: Delicatessen

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Krieger, 7/16/08

Delicatessen, the delayed (almost two years!) and somewhat bizarre comfort food spot opening up in the space of the greasy spoon Buffa's, will debut on the Soho/Nolita border this Friday. According to its opening announcement the place, owned by the same people as Cafeteria in MePa, will feature Charlotte Ronson uniforms and Terry Richardson-designed menus, big garage doors to the street, and a tricked out lower lounge with green leather sofas and technicolor graffitied walls. Basically, it has all the trappings of a an annoyingly hip (and most likely packed) downtown spot.

As for the food, a look at the brown papering in the windows reveals they'll be re-imagined (and in some cases traditional) comfort food including reuben fritters, halibut carpaccio, chicken in a bucket, and bangers and mash. Chef Doron Wong is taking the reigns. Whether or not the menu succeeds, we're guessing the location and the design will keep this place afloat for a good while. Expect the first online reviews by Monday AM. Further reading here and here.

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