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OMFG: Kurve Is Actually Going to Open

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Kurve, the wacky Thai restaurant cheffed by Rhong-Tiam's Andy Yang and designed by the eccentric (read loony) Karim Rashid that has been delayed for almost a year now, may actually be opening. The neon signage has graced 2nd Avenue for months, but the locals (who already have about 100 Thai spots in the area) have seen little plywood progress. Yet today Bret Thorn has a report from last night's opening party and hints that it could be open to the regular public any day now. Thorn didn't get to sample very much, but let's hear his thoughts on decor:

"I don't know from décor, but the restaurant was definitely curvy, dominated by an irregular-shaped bar, curvy shapes on the walls, a floor that I think I'd call Morimoto-green...Plasma screen TVs, too, embedded in the walls. Odd, it seems to me, for Second Avenue and Fifth Street."

Note: Another tipster at the party lets us know that a number of large bouncers stood sentry all night, making the restaurant look even more out of place in the East Village. He tells us the beer taps weren't on, the windows still had to be cleaned. Maybe they could use a few more days before a full public open. Either way, the Eater Inside squad is en route.
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