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Waffle Wars: Fighting Words From Spinoff Truck

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The latest mainstream newspaper piece about food trucks (this time from the Sun) doesn't tell us much we don't already know about this 'new' phenomenom. However it does reveal some vital details about the Wafels & Dinges spinoff truck, until now known as the 'Impostor Truck': It's called Waffle 4 U, they claim to have more toppings than the original truck, and the owner plans to open a french fry truck soon. We have to admit that french fries are a pretty logical and perhaps brilliant expansion on this Belgian truck theme. But there is something slightly off-putting about this copycat truck, and it comes from their website:

"Warning!!! Be Ready! We sell authentic Belgian Waffles! Unparalleled to any other waffle!...Who has superseded us in bringing authentic Belgian waffles into NYC streets?...No One! We did it! Waffle4U did it! We brought u the timeless secret from the heart of Belgium!"
Curious phrasing for a spinoff from a former Wafels & Dinges employee. NB: when the 'Impostor Truck' launched, W&D owner Thomas DeGeest said there were a suspiciously large number of similarities between the two trucks but took the high road, taking the 'More the merrier' bent. However, them's fighting words, and he might lose his one time magnanimous stance. Let the waffle wars rage on.
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